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Website Delivery Engine

What is Prometheus?
Prometheus is a high performance (W)ebsite (D)elivery (E)ngine (WDE) designed to make website development easier for both programmers and end users. At its core Prometheus is a system soley dedicated to delivering websites and provides an access security model, site templating, page support, scripting language access, permalinks and a full module (plugin) API that makes building custom addons easy whether you are using a compiled language or a scripting language. Prometheus is completely database driven so database access is a native feature and makes for quicker page scripting and module development. The WDE's high performance lends itself to being a native web server extension (ie: ISAPI for IIS and an Apache Module for the Apache Web Server). Scripting language support is provided as extensions to the system.

Current Features Currently Supported Programming Languages
Server-Side Extensions
System Requirements Sites Using the Prometheus WDE Project Status
Prometheus is currently in a beta state and private use status soley by Create Design Interactive and Reverb Interactive at this time. When a public release is available we will announce it here.

Projected Editions
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