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Website Delivery Engine

What is Prometheus?
Prometheus is a high performance (W)ebsite (D)elivery (E)ngine (WDE) designed to make website development easier for both programmers and end users. At its core Prometheus is a system soley dedicated to delivering websites and provides an access security model, site templating, page support, scripting language access, permalinks and a full module (plugin) API that makes building custom addons easy whether you are using a compiled language or a scripting language. Prometheus is completely database driven so database access is a native feature and makes for quicker page scripting and module development. The WDE's high performance lends itself to being a native web server extension (ie: ISAPI for IIS and an Apache Module for the Apache Web Server). Scripting language support is provided as extensions to the system.

Current Features Currently Supported Programming Languages
Web Interface Extensions (server side)
System Requirements Sites Using the Prometheus WDE Project Status
Prometheus is currently in a beta state and private use status soley by Create Design Interactive and Reverb Interactive at this time. When a public release is available we will announce it here.

Projected Editions
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